At the edge of the earth, there’s a small town

Quiet now
Dream of a secret harbor
Where she waves without a sound
Looking far into the ocean

The lighthouse calls them home
And the birds start to migrate
It has been so long
Oh how much things changed

The children have grown
Their smiles now wise and deep
Their puppies big and strong
Small trees leafless and gloomy
Age old rocks defending their home
Against the waves and the storm

Stay quiet
Listen to the singing widow
Her light voice vibrating through the window
Dancing in the air, alongside the smell of hope

She may be old
In a house full of stories of ghosts
Where kids like to creep over
At the end of October

She knows how people are
So many mouths trying to tell lies

She keeps looking out and far
Witnessing seasons passing by
Despite of their struggles and scars
This town seems to be doing alright



Distant past so far gone
Soar high, right below the sun
Islands uninhabited
Seagulls hovering above

Where there’s freedom,
there is us

Out into the lawless territory
Vast fenceless liberty
On the high seas
Sing the shanties
Through the air salty

Early in the morning
Our ship grunts like a baby
After storm waves now sleepy
Damp clothes, damp everything

Then night comes
There’s a massive loot for us
Celebration is a must
Wicked bottles of rum

Our friend Squid is delirious
He likes to wear shiny beads
Rust Gus is a big man tenacious
Scars on face and lost his ear
No we are not ferocious
Our captain is always smiling

Sail away and plunder
Bring us the horizon
Never-ending journey
Such is life for me


Mark my words
There will come a time
Where a woman dies
Giving birth to her son

When that time comes,

The whole world is shaken
Stars rain down the earth
Spirits from centuries awaken
Lifted lanterns, lit up candles
Doors in the hallways opened
Darkness freed, dimensions united

That is when he takes his first breath

This is where my journey begins
As I live and breathe
As the future does not sleep
I carry this responsibility
And the whole world is watching

Mother, I will never hear you sing me to sleep
Your smile will never light up my dreams
But your song will forever play in me
And colors of you have been painted in my gene
Your footsteps guide mine
As I walk through ashes and fire

The ground cracks open
Pages torn and burned
As he lives and breathes
There are stories to be finished
At the end of the world


Sufferers of nightmare
Gather around
On this sacred ground
These souls unrest and unsound

Windows closed
On the branches all the perching crows
Don’t want to be alone when the cold wind blows

Be quiet and listen
Faint and distant
Chains rattling
Muffled screams

And into your room, creeping
Whispers close to your ears
Spider’s crawling by your feet

Disembodied voices right outside
Marching from decades of nights
Consciousness within the grip of time
Lost and departed without goodbye

Here scattered ashes of the unfortunate
And all the burned down bridges
The veil will be lifted
Now can you feel
All the mad and the unfinished

Don’t make a sound tonight
Don’t turn off the light
Find a safe place to hide
For the worlds will collide
Prepare for the fright

Freight Train

Pieces of glass make tinkling sounds
So far away places they have come
Landslide of numbers running down
Furious scenes they have overcome

Soft gradating colors of twilight sky
On a rooftop they slept that night
Freezing temperature as a blanket
Cops’ flashlight passed by their heads

Morning came and so they packed
With dirty shoes they ran
To catch a grip on the metal ladder
“Jump now!” one said to the other

The wind strong, hitting their bodies
Border after border, the track infinite
The world shaking, their lives flashing
Streaming sweats under the sun blazing

At the next town they’re getting off
As their eyes met they realized
Seeing the world has helped them grow
Sense of freedom burning alright

Glowing stars make silent nights
Next morning they’d catch another ride
With the wind blows and gravels thrown
So far away from home
Foreign lands they will visit
Through these tracks never-ending