December 30th, 11.30 A.M.

“At first I heard a sound, like a motorcycle, and so I peaked outside through the window to find you turning off the engine,” Sarah explained while turning on the stove and lighting it up using a lighter. She insisted on giving me food as soon as I stepped on this house’s floor. “I called Leo to show him what—I mean who—I just saw. I mean, I just saw a human for the first time since we left home! And I thought it was a miracle. I kept telling Leo to hurry up while walking towards the police station. I was just so excited. But Leo didn’t seem to be in excitement at all. He was so cautious—“

“Cause I don’t want us to get hurt.” I turned and saw Leo pulling out a dining chair to sit on it. “She could be a bad person, you know, with only the intention of getting foods and weapons in her head and not minding to kill us to get what she wants. Turns out I was wrong. Sorry.” He said the last two sentences while looking at me with his expressionless eyes.

“Well, I can’t say you’re wrong about the foods and weapons thing—I mean who doesn’t need foods and weapons these days? But you are wrong with the killing thing,” I said.

“Yeah. You need to stop worrying too much about too many things like that, Leo. So Sam, you were alone all this time?” Sarah asked. I could see she was putting her hand above the frying pan to feel the heat.

“Yep,” I answered. “Been on the road for weeks.”

“That’s your motorcycle?” this time it was Leo who asked.

“Not officially,” I replied while looking at Sarah picking up a canned food. I think it’s a sardine. “I used to just walk, but I found the motorcycle sometime last week with its key attached. I know it’s been abandoned for so long, and so I declared my ownership of it.”

“Well, Leo used to drive his car with me on the front passenger seat clearing out our path. But then our car broke for some reason and so we decided to go on foot. Luckily it wasn’t long before we found this town,” Sarah explained while pouring the sardine onto the pan.

“This town…” I mumbled. “I’m wondering why everything in this town seems to be still in the proper place.”

“We are, too,” Sarah said. “But I think there’s no problem with it. We can still live a normal life here.” She said the last sentence in a tone of forced relieve while smiling at me.

Leo sighed. I turned my head to look at him. He still had no expression on that face of his. But I noticed there was a fast glint on his eyes, like umm… I don’t know. Devastation, perhaps? “Define normal life,” he said in a low voice, and then stood up.

No one said anything while Leo was putting the chair back in its place. But then Sarah asked, “Where are you going?” She sounded like she wasn’t wondering where he was going at all. It was subtle, but I thought she asked the question because of another reason.

“My room,” Leo answered while walking out of the kitchen.

Oh God, I hate this intense awkward atmosphere.


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