December 30th 10.47 A.M.

Honestly I had no idea where I was. Here, it looked like one of those creepy towns in horror movies. Hadn’t seen any freakin’ zombie around here. That’s good, though one could never relax in this kind of situation. It was so silent it’s creeping me out badly.

I had stopped my motorcycle and turned off the engine since a while ago. But I was still sitting on it, thinking. I could just rush towards a minimarket down the road, but it’d be nice to check on the police station first to see if there was some kind of weapon in there I could use. Probably local zombies here didn’t actually like to welcome strangers, so I guess right about now, they were staying inside, hiding while keeping their eyes on me. So yeah, getting ammunitions and hopefully another gun would be the best idea for now.

But seriously though, do zombies think like that? You know, hiding and stalking and everything? Well I guess there was a probability of one in one thousand.

Whatever. Now let’s see, I got into the police station already, and saw there was a pocket knife on the desk. I picked it up and decided to keep it. And I’ll happily tell you that I found a lot of shotgun shells inside the lockers next to the desk. I put them all inside my backpack. Now I gotta go into the next room to see if there’s a full loaded gun in there I can use.

Nope. I got nothing. Seemed like they had taken all of the guns here with them, though it’s weird that they didn’t take the pocket knife and shotgun shells which I just found in the other room as well. It’s okay though, I suppose I’m gonna be just fine with only a shotgun and a pocket knife. It’s better than having no weapon at all.

Wait. Hold on. I felt a presence.

I lifted my shotgun, aiming it while walking slowly towards the door. I could hear a voice. No, two voices, talking to each other. They were not zombies for sure. They were gonna enter this room, so I waited.

The door was opening slowly. I was eager to see who’s opening it. “No zombies here. Just open—“

The door banged. My finger moved to touch the trigger.

There, standing before me, were two normal human beings (at least it seemed like they were normal). A boy and a girl. The boy carried a crossbow and the girl carried a rifle. Both had blonde hair, and both seemed to be around my age.

Awkward silence time. With a bit of intensity. Someone needed to lower their gun and start talking already. Come on, you two. I got here first so you need to be the first to… Fine, whatever. See? I’m lowering my shotgun.

“Name’s Samantha, or Sam for short,” I said. “I’m still fully human so you don’t need to worry about being bitten here or somethin’ like that. And please don’t just bang the door whenever you hear a human’s voice coming from inside the room behind it.”

They lowered their gun. I sighed. Finally.

“I’m Sarah, and this is my twin brother, Leo,” the girl introduced herself and the boy.

Twins, huh? I like twins.

And that was it. We talked for a while, I asked if I could join them wherever they’d go, they said yes, but it turned out that they weren’t going anywhere since they had stayed in this neighbourhood for like a week, and they weren’t planning to leave. I said I’m fine with it, and so they took me in. They showed in which house they were staying. I wondered how come everything in this neighbourhood seemed normal, without any indication of a chaos that might had happened here, a chaos caused by people turning into zombies. This town still felt creepy with its silence and an unexplainable aura surrounding it, though. However, nothing seemed to be out of order. How the hell did the people here escape, then? Was there any kind of panic or anything?

Okay I’m going to describe these twins that I just met. They were apparently 19 years old, which made them a year older than me. They came from a place far away from here (I’m not telling you the name of the place). Both of their parents died (their father turned and bit his wife, she shot him on the head and then she killed herself). All of that was witnessed only by Leo cause Sarah wasn’t home at the time. When she got home, she saw Leo had packed everything they needed to survive on the road. Since then, they had been searching for a safe place to live, until they found this place.


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