Don’t Wake Up

(dont mind me. i’m just bored and automatically trying to be poetic)

Everything’s alright

I can see you’re sleeping well

Dreaming well too, I hope

Don’t wake up, not now


The fire is still burning out here

Screams are everywhere

People cry for help, for their lives

Hell is what’s going on


Devils have been inside us

They’ve gone rogue

They tore us, burned us

What’s left of us is darkness


Now we strive for survival

But we’re not surviving at all

You don’t want to wake up yet

This world is falling apart


Just dream of the stars, of touching the moon

Dream of the northern lights

Dream of a beautiful garden

Dream of paradise


Let me be the one who fight

I’ll deliver you a promised land

Where nothing’s wrong

Someday, you’ll get it


Rest well, my dear

Don’t feel any pain

I’ll be strong, I’ll be tough

For you, for this to be over


You’ve always loved rainy days

Dream of them, be in peace

While it’s flooding out here

Blood and tears and sweats


The sun is warm in your dream

But it’s eating us on the surface

The sky no longer protects us

Sands are where we’re standing on


We see red and black

We see fire and destruction

We turned on each other

We are the devils


My dear, we long for peace, justice, and love

I’m afraid they are no longer here

So if you can hear me, please,

Dream of them


When you wake up, I’ll be here

The rain is going to stop

The sun won’t kill us

Everyone will hug each other


But now is not the time to wake up

Keep dreaming, close all your senses

Don’t wake up yet

Stay in there for a little longer


Dream of the night sky, the howling wolves

Sparkling fireflies, whispering pines

Autumn breeze, colourful leaves

Dream of flapping your wings


You will find a happy ending, I promise

When you wake up, it’ll be over

But now, just sleep tight, hold on to your dreams

Dream of a better world, dream of us


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