Lonely Fangs

Or maybe not. My previous post is not the last post before this week’s mysterious weekend. This one is. I’m already addicted to writing poems. Can’t help it 😛

Howl at the moon, young wolf!
On top of the highest spot
Tree rustles that’d be Mr. Crow
In pine forest so alone

Winter’s gate has been unlocked
Dance in the misty thick fog
Race the wind and fight the freeze
Shifts back into solitary breeze

And here you are running
With courage as your covering
You’re friends with the moon
Challenge even the evil doom

Silver hunter of the exiled
Your fangs grew pale and refined
Lone survivor knows no dread
Around white your blood stays red

Wolf bane, curse, and blight
Narrowing the path, that’s snow’s pride
But it is you who’s there and my,
Would you look at the mountain’s fright,
As they see you with its rhapsodic eyes?

Fangs. Stained in red
Hazardous, you’re a threat
Poke the horror, and it’s their end
Lonely fangs of winter, savage unrestrained
Glowing eyes, their necks bled
Finish your meal, oh how they’re all scared


My Lost Wand

Probably will be my last post before three days of who knows what’s going to happen to me and my friends.

Maybe some time in the fall
I’ll find my way out of this hall
If I run or walk or crawl
Be it night or day, to me it’ll call

My long lost wand
Harbouring the missing past
Bearing perhaps joy and fun
Where it be, whenever it was lost

Under the lake of mud? Drowned?
Inside the room of sadness? Hidden?
Behind the running electricity? Covered?
Down there under the rocks? Buried?

The wand I used to swing when I was sad
Spinning ‘round in rhymes so mad
But because I was holding it the entire time
When I lost it, I didn’t remember when I cried

And then I was breaking, falling
Where are you? Are you shouting?
My eyes watering, tears dropping
Pin me a blanket, no more running

Magic vanished, wonders left behind
Smiles unknown, pain defined
That somewhere you are… I don’t know
But on the ledge there’s time, and it took its toll

As I got older,
There’s more tremor
My lost wand, bringer of magical colors
Through the dark long winter
In my heart there’s no surrender
Through great plains doesn’t matter
I’ll not hesitate, because I need to remember
The light and tunes that forever will linger
Within your happily ever after


This one is probably my most random post so far…

So out of the blue a small voice from a really distant island on my sea of thoughts decided to offer me a kind of wtf inspiration to me. It told me to make a list of random sentences, each has to be the first thing that pops up in my mind (sort of), and each starts with the letter C. Why C? Well my first name starts with this letter so… here we go!

Celia is my first name.
Cat and horse are two of my favourite animals.
Chocolate bars.
Corn. Pop corn.
Coca cola me no like.
Crows are cool animals, I guess.
Can you lend me some of your creativity, please?
Can I press this like button? *BOOM!*
Cappuccino! ^^
Chum Bucket.
Crazy is society in modern days.
Clop clop a unicorn.
Centimetres Per 5 Seconds.
Call 911!
Control your emotions!
Cold is Antarctica.
Caramel : How to Pronounce, the movie.
Conjuring, The. Annabelle (that movie), you suck!
Cause this is pretty C-lly hahahahahahah—
*cough cough*
C, D, E…
Effing hell what in the heaven did I just write?!
Errm… My deepest apologies, guys.

Lift The Anchor

Stomp, stomp, boots on the floor
Slow, slow, beginning so slow
Long, long, don’t begin to moan
Horn, horn, blow the ivory horn

Rise to the bright shine circle golden
Jump in the high line color’s wonder
Toss the tight night’s heavy burden
Clop the fine blind horseshoe on fern

Are you ready, my brothers and sisters?

Glorious days have long gone
And we’re here to find the bond
Bones buried so head to the shore
Roar and swore to the oath

Kingdoms of four seasons
Mountains of the snow bearers
Labyrinth of tangled reasons
Oceans of reef tearers

Sing, oh deceiving sirens!
Blast the minds of lost sailors!
Hideous Kraken, break their lanterns!
Find Calypso beyond the great currents!

Through caverns and woods
Silver wolves lose their loots
Vagabonds search for foods
Wounds under medicinal roots

Gone, gone away with the travelling wind

It’s time to start our journey
Step on a magnificent ship
Lift the anchor, sing the sea shanty!
Sail away, on the stormy seas!

This Side of You

A poem (not really)

Look behind
Those happy laughs
When you were tickled
When you suddenly burped
When you threw pillows
When you were soaked under the rain

Look further
Those running little feet
When you tripped on the sand
When you were chased by Mr. Spooky
When you were late for your first day
When you tried to lift your kite

A bit further
Those screeching screams
When you fought with your buddy
When you wanted something for yourself
When your dad tried to scare you
Tears flew down your cheeks

Now turn around
Look here, where you are standing
How much is the difference?
How much has been suppressed?
How much is going to change?
How much is hidden?

Tell me about this side of you
When you see a butterfly and you try to catch it
Where is it? Open the curtain
Show me your inner child