I play guitar.

At least I can play a little bit. This capability helps me in times of extreme boredom or pressure. I don’t play every day, only whenever I feel like playing. I play and sing at the same time. Sometimes they can get along together so well, sometimes not really. I’m not really good at determining keys and melodies of the guitar that could fit with the song, so whenever I’m too lazy to search the chords online, I’d only play the songs which I’ve already known the chords instead. Doesn’t matter, though. I still enjoy playing them over and over again. I never get bored of them.

I enjoy listening to various kinds of music, from the instrumental ones to the ones with vocals. From the slowest in beat to the fastest. From the most lyrically melancholic ones to the happiest to the most brutal. From the chillest ones to the most hardcore ones. And I also listen to songs from several countries and in several languages. I enjoy all of them. I usually try to play the ones that sound easy on guitar, but fail many times since my skill is still so low.

I’m not writing this to share a theory about music. I just want to share my feelings that I get whenever I listen to music or when I sing or play guitar. And I’m not going to exaggerate this. Well maybe a little.

Each second my voice hit the right note, each second my strum on the guitar sounds well, and each second I manage to hold the chord I’m playing without any fail, whenever my voice sounds good to my ears, that’s when I feel like in a total calmness. I feel like “I don’t care if my parents or my brothers felt annoyed by my voice or my bad guitar skill. I just want to keep playing, even if I have to repeat the song over and over again.” And in that moment also, my fear and worry of anything, of the unfinished homeworks or the exams or my grades or my untidy room or not being able to grow up or being very useless or my future, they all would vanish temporarily. I wouldn’t keep track of time either. I’d literally be shut down from reality. I just want to keep playing.

For anyone reading this (if there was actually one), have you ever felt like this before? Of course you probably have (very stupid of me for asking this question). But, just out of curiosity, I’d like to know if this kind of bliss has ever blossomed in your soul when you listen to a certain song or when you sing it or play it on an instrument? I’m not talking about the lyrics by the way (I’m sure many people have ever been moved emotionally by lyrics of songs). I’m talking about the music itself. My ears are not musically trained, and I can’t be considered good in music either, but I often feel this. I dont think it’s strange either, since many people say that music is magic (and i agree). But it can literally raise my mood and simply make me happy. And also, what is there in music to have this kind of affect on humans? Is it the soundwave? The frequency? I dont know. I’d like to know for sure but I guess the trick behind a magic isn’t meant to be revealed is it?

By the way thank you for actually spending some of your precious time to read this, whoever you are, wherever you’re from. I’d like to think sometimes, that it’s also magic that different people from different continents could feel the same way about certain things, that we share somethings similar, that I’m actually not alone. I believe, that no matter how ‘strange’ or ‘different’ a person is, in the end, we all still share certain things in common, and they make us realize how connected we all are, how human we are, a very unique and beautiful creature. But then again, people are not the same, right? 🙂


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