(Again, dont mind me. This is just a random poem written by an amateur out of complete boredom and randomness, AND out of the influence of some hardcore stuff i’m listening. I’ll be happy if you’re actually willing to read this poem, though.)

I can’t see the light

Pieces of me were lost

I’m trapped, chained, and shut

Misread, misunderstood, and feared


What’s with the whispers?

Aren’t you all afraid? Terrified?

Better run for your lives, cockroaches

For this outrageous beast is going to break free one day


Glittering, shiny jewels on his crown

Never occurred to you that he’s a fellow monster

He stripped me out of my life

But soon, he’ll end up the same way I did


Oh, no. What happened to your arrogance?

Is me banging the door finally making you tremble?

Enough of your paradise, of your blissful victory

For it’s only temporary, and I’ll start a nightmare


I’ll come to your homeland, to every doorstep

I’ll kick open the door, give you a monstrous scream

These hands will swing a bloody sword,

And these feet will step on corpses


He’ll see you all as a disgrace

But he’ll be blind towards what’s coming

He will not sense it,

And before he realize it, he’ll already be on the ground


On your knees!


I was once your ruler, and I will be again soon

The full moon will be the witness, and the stars will cheer

Flesh will be eaten by fire, the wind will howl

Rain will wipe out every trace and clean the land


I want to hold on to these images

They’re keeping me alive and sane

They remind me of my shattered soul, my lost dignity

Faint is my voice, but loud is my heartbeat


Stand your ground, be ready

I’ll spare nothing, no mercy

After everything, there will be nothing

Out of nothing, something else will be born



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