Impress Me

Note: This story is so random. also, i wrote it when i was really tired, so there may be more grammatical errors and messed up words or phrases or sentences than i normally write in short stories. Plus, since i didnt write much stuff in English this week and more in my original language, forgive me for the lack of vocabulary variety.

He turned around. He just freaking turned his body around and walked away. Did he realize what would happen if he rejected that girl? He would be miserable! Well, he was already miserable to begin with. But this should not had happened! I didn’t create him to be the person that he was likely going to become right now. I created him to be a perfect guy!

I rage quitted. I literally just flipped the table and screamed.

But alright, at least he didn’t have to be starving tonight as I already prepared some meals for him. Now eat, you stupid but good-looking boy! Tomorrow I’d give you a second chance. If you fail again, there would never be the day after that; I would put your pathetic skinny body in front of a running train.

Sleep tight for tonight.

Just kidding I just gave you a nightmare. My anger apparently wouldn’t go away just like that. I needed to punish you a little bit. Don’t worry, you’d go through this tiny hell I created for you eventually and you would wake up safe and sound. But for now, enjoy the ride.

Out of boredom and a hopeful package of excitement for my boy’s fate in life, I fast forwarded the time and missed his annoying snoring sound. The sun quickly rose and I could already see some random old guy jogging around at a park nearby. Time to wake up!

Shower, put on some clothes, have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, watch some news on tv, go out and greet people. “What a beautiful morning”, “I’m excited for today”, bla bla bla. Just make everything quick! I want you to go to the park already and meet a girl!

“I’m thinking of going for a stroll in the park. Would you want to come with me?” Oh. He was asking a friend of his to accompany him to the park. Alright, I guess I’m fine with that, as long as that redhead girl doesn’t hinder you from getting the love of your life.

Later that afternoon…

Let’s just summarize this. He did go to the park with his friend. But he somehow succeeded on wasting much of his precious time. He greeted some other people along the way, made some new friends, bought a hotdog and a bottle of soda, and chatted about some famous pop punk band with his friend. He did all that, but he wasn’t at all paying any attention to the girls who passed by him! One of them could be the love of his life! He didn’t manage to make me patient enough not to give him a stomachache. So yes, he went to a public bathroom. That’s what you got for messing around, dumbass!

After getting out of the bathroom, I saw him approaching his friend. Apparently she was waiting for him and wondering if he was okay. Oh, that’s so sweet of you, honey, but his health condition is none of your business. I wish I could just blow you out of this town and put you on a deserted island, far from civilization. Unfortunately your fate is not in my hands. So be grateful.

“How are you feeling these days?” I heard her asking him in a sweet tone. They were walking together side by side. By their right side was a river of flowing clean water. Street light stood between them and the river every few meters.

“Wha… what do you mean?” he asked back. Just insult her already, you stupid (insert swear word)!

“I noticed you have been looking a bit gloomy lately. Something happened?” Try to impress me, girl! But you’re not going to.

“Umm… I’ve been trying to act normally today, especially around you, but…” he laughed a little and continued, “… I guess you really know me so well.”

This innocently sweet talk needed to get cut. I paralyzed his left foot just when he was about to lift it. Of course, he tripped. My timing was right, because a second later a girl walked pass him, but turned around to help him getting up. Now he would say thank you, and they would introduce each other.

“Ah, thanks,” he said after he cleaned his shirt from the dirt. For a brief moment his and the stranger’s eyes met, pumping up my excitement. I thought this was going to be a perfect introduction, but they didn’t seem to have a good chemistry. The girl continued her walk, leaving my creation standing still while being all “Don’t worry I’m fine” with his precious little friend.

I wanted to kill him right at the moment.

“You don’t seem to be fine at all,” the girl said to him. Red (let’s just call her Red from now on) was really into him, I could see. She was the most annoying person that’s ever created. Who the hell created her?!

“Well, I’ve been feeling a bit strange these days,” my creation replied. “I don’t know why. It feels like I have something really important to do, but I couldn’t figure out what it is.” Well, I’ll tell you what. You should… I sighed and rolled my eyes. This is getting really tiring. You should freaking get a girl to your house and make her your wife. That’s what it is, little one.

Red smiled. Even when I was being extremely and devastatingly irritated, I had got to admit that her smile seemed quite genuine and that made her look like a really kind person. Still not impressed, though. Still not letting my boy to be with you. He is meant to be with someone else. I’m his creator, and I dictate his fate. No one could change that, especially not by someone as annoying as you, Red.

And then she stroked his hair. This movement just pinched my temper. But then she held his hand and kissed his forehead. That was when I lost my cool and decided to take it to the next level. What I was going to do now was harsh, but absolutely necessary. I altered his perspective. His eyes would no longer see beauty. They would only be able to see the darkness within people around him. This would also automatically change his feelings about people, including that irritating redhead. This was going to get really ugly.

“Why…” I could hear him say the word faintly. “My mood has suddenly gone bad. I don’t know why…”

Red tried to hug him, but he stepped backward. I could hear her saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay, just take a deep breath.” But she didn’t know talking him through would never work once he’s in that state.

“Why is it really hot out here? The heat is so annoying I can’t think properly…” he shook his head multiple times and he was starting to breathe faster. “It’s too fast. People are walking too fast. They should slow down! They’re too loud!”

I could see Red’s eyes getting wider. She was panicking, and her expression made me smile out of pleasure. “What… what is happening..?”

He started to feel a headache and the desire to destroy. He screamed, and I could feel his heart beating a lot faster. His body produced more sweats, and he felt his shirt could no longer protect him. So he took it off. Meanwhile, everyone around him was being ignorant and acted like they didn’t see anything strange.

I was enjoying the moment, every second that marked this messed up but fun situation. I was enjoying my revenge. My own creation disappointed me and that redhead girl was the one responsible for everything. I now just wanted to break the both of them and ruin their lives. They would feel miserable, just like I already predicted a few days ago. They both would be drowned in sorrow.

Feel the pain! Panic! Run, Red! He’s gone mad and you can’t save him!

This was so funny to watch. So I laughed. How weak and stupid they were! I’m the one in control! When I say you’re dead, then you’re—

Red hugged him. She just literally hugged him despite his rampage. She held him as still as her strength could. Tears streamed down her freckled face. “STOP!” she screamed in her chipmunk-like shrill.

Everything stopped. Literally everything. Everyone on the street stopped walking, leaves on the trees stopped moving, the wind stopped blowing, and the water on the river stopped flowing. No sound was heard. Every motion has been frozen, except Red’s. She was still holding my creation tightly, her eyes still closed. But then they were opened a few second later, probably because she realized something was wrong. She looked around, noticing the frozen time. She looked worried.

Seriously, who the hell is her creator? Did they do this? Are creators actually able to stop time?

In this pause, a strange sensation crawled on my back. I could hear myself breathing calmly, and I could also hear Red’s voice saying, “I’m sorry.” I wasn’t sure to whom she was talking, or why she said that. She was staring at my creation’s face in silent, and then touched his left cheek gently. A drop of tear fell down her face. And then she closed her eyes again. “Have I impressed you now?” she asked in a really loud voice. “I just want to be with him.”

A few seconds after that, time flew again. Everything went back to normal, and so did my creation. He had no idea what happened, though. And he looked really confused. He asked Red what happened, but she just smiled and told him that it was something strange that she couldn’t explain either, and that she hoped it wouldn’t happen again. She then tried to convince him that nothing was wrong with him, that he had her by his side right now, and he will always do.

Has she impressed me? I don’t know, I’m not sure. But I have a mixed feeling about this.

My goal was to get my creation a girl to marry and to live with happily ever after. I never intended it to be Red, I never had the idea that it would be her. It felt wrong the first time, the reason why is still unknown. Even until this moment I’m still not in a solid state of accepting her.

But alright, I guess I have to admit I was quite surprised by the whole freezing time thing. Maybe her creator intended everything to be like the way it was now. Whoever they are, they sure are one hell of a fighter. I’m now sure they would never give up getting those two together. So okay, I would like to see how everything would turn out.

Impress me, Mr or Miss Creator. Impress me, Red.

Hold on. Don’t be too excited. My standards are high and even until now you haven’t completely impressed me yet. So be serious.



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