Why do you hide so much pain?

All by yourself, washing every stain

Shouldering burdens, huge boulders

Full bucket of tears, swallowed gems


How do you see the light?

Pure white on the surface,

Deep blue down under

A grace of queen, dreams of galaxy

Deadly mysterious, yet so innocent


Gaze upon the stars, blink blink

Standing tall in the cold, still still

Rarely sleep, watch the north

Embrace the darkness, daylight bright but cold


You break, you fall apart

You reform, you stand tall

You freeze, you gain your pride

You observe, you love deeply


Polar bear of loneliness, a huge crowd of penguins

So white yet so diverse

You keep your head up, you observe

Let the temperature fluctuate,

You stand tall


Know no sand, no trees

Glamour you’ve never seen

Colours are no cover

This is where you belong


The mark of the northern lights

You are the spirit of the north

Alive and not dead

Spin in the rotation of the universe


And here you are

Repressing you sadness, held disappointment

Years passed, you’ve seen everything

Living things swim under, then resurface

Knock knock you’re silent, perhaps they wonder

Why do you hide so much pain?

All by yourself, observing the world

And still stand tall



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