Note: I dont know what inspired me to write this. I just wanted to write something that starts with a “I want to create” so there you go that’s the result. It’s so not clearly arranged and honestly I just intended to play words during the making. I dont know if this is good. Hopefully it is…


I want to create a land

Where three hundred flowers sing

Endless wind, breezing free

Wings of bliss, blue streams


I want to climb a tree

To see the limitless milky way

Light’s ray, shooting through the grey

Exploding frames, stars gaze


I want to clash the time and space

To liquefy irons and freeze oceans

Elements crash, illuminating shatters

Upside down, reversed forces


Left to the right, break the laws

Brand new, a whole different structure

With wet dirt on my paws

Scars through my fur


Bet the sun doesn’t care

Let it flare, touching it I dare

For power is who I am

But innocent is what I am


Into the supernova, hop and shot

Blazing gas and clouds, spread across

Shape into something new, born pure

Empty but rooting deep, growing for sure


It is to break, and to destroy

It is to create, and to be born

Lit, ignited, flames of beyond

The doors I don’t open, but I build


I want to change everything

To paint the universe, to produce

Radiating and vibrating, impatience loose

Excitement unsealed, can’t wait to do


I want to see, to hear, to breathe

Live to reach and give

Sacrifices are indeed, but my dear,

I want to be just me, but not here

I want to break free, to change things

The world I’d love to feel, hold tight until I sleep



6 thoughts on “Innocent”

  1. I think it’s good. Keep writing. I love your themes on nature, the environment, the universe and possibilities. You’ll only get better with writing more and I look forward to your new works!
    I’m a fan of the northern lights and sciences too. We also share the same WP theme – like minds 🙂

    1. Yes this is awesome (the fact that we share the same certain favorites and the blog theme hehe) high five! 😀
      Thank you very much this really means so much ^_^ and really appreciated 🙂 I’ll try to keep writing more and to be better

      1. High five 🙂 yes please do write more. I don’t do poetry but I appreciate the work of others! Thanks for popping by my blog as well!

      2. You’re very welcome 🙂 I just tried poetry not a long time ago, and still got so much to learn and especially have to expand my vocabularies too. So I’d be very glad to receive feedbacks in order to progress. And again, thank you ^_^

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