I Was The Memory

This was way too soon. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Why? What went wrong?

I went wrong.

Let us retrace the steps, flashing backwards to the time when everything was steady.

He was the sun, that very existence who always made an awesome entrance. Cheerful voice, uplifting energy. As straightforward as he was, he talked a lot, hardly giving the others time to say something. But that’s why people loved him. He opened up the curtain that covered the world, letting white fill the room, and embraced it. The brightest light, the center of everything, he was the sun.

She was the moon, the pale silver glow that accompanied children of the stars. A mother, a protector, she held people so tight and so close. She created the string that connected them all, they loved her for her sincerity and gentleness. She never ran away, never abandoned her people in times of darkness. She was there as the only source of light when the sun left for a while. When you describe her, you describe the moon.

He was the lightning, thunder loud and proud. One snap of your finger, and he appeared. Tick tock and he was already gone. He was full of jokes, smart and witty, laughter of Hermes. Blink your eyes once, and you’d miss something from him. Originated from inside the grey of the clouds, he shot himself in a speed faster than a jet, crashed the ground and announced his arrival with a bang.

She was the rain, the other half of the lightning, precisely his twin sister. They were created at the exact same time, so when he was present, so was she. Each drop of her word was an elixir. She was the healer, the one who gave complete calmness and emotional depth. When you sleep your body, she would cover you with a blanket of mist, filling your dreams with unlimited fantasy. She was never predictable, she was the rain. She was the storm.

The four of them were one, once were a family with a bond of steel, unbreakably strong. The sun initiated, supported by the moon and perfected by the rain, while the lightning did every job in a blink of an eye. Fear was no match for them, they were a flawless unity equal to that of a gravity force, never failed to win, to pull the attention of many people. They were the helpers, the champions, the gifts from above. People were grateful for their existence. They deserved the credit they got, the title of the bringer of happiness. It was the time of joy, no pressure, no sadness.

But nothing is eternal in this world. Time is the never-ending flow of river. It has the power of change, of the ups and downs. Everything has its end, and so does this family. When time dragged their memories to a worse continuum, they were not ready. They never saw it coming, never even expected it to ever happen.

People got bored. They demanded a new cycle of life, and so they invented tools of bliss, but also of destruction. They hid from the sun, ignored the moon, repelled the rain, and cursed the lightning. Hit by hit the family took, very painful. Rejection after rejection, endless ridicules, a loop of hatred. They screamed, shouted for help, but no one cared. The rain wept, and the moon hugged her. Anger elevated, fear finally had its chance.

Until one day the sun left. He was gone not for a moment, but forever. He saw a better place, a better opportunity, so he decided to choose it over his family. He was once the one who opened the door for his family towards a stage of happiness. He was the one to light their path, bright and clear. But he already left now. A thin trail of dim fluorescent was his only legacy. His memories of his family were broken and buried deep inside, suppressed by the new ones, better ones. The sun never existed, he had forgotten about it all.

Then, what did it become of the other three after they were abandoned by the sun? They collided with a huge wave of hardships, getting more and more frustrated each day. Night after night, the moon prayed to the ruler of time for guidance, for hope. She never let herself to lose her mind. Meanwhile, the rain wept every night, every day, every season, created storms and floods. The lightning went insane, crashing every living things and breaking the norms, resulting in a land full of smoke and ash. The evil cold and wild wind came and blabbed about a hopeless future and dried corpses.

The rain finally lost her sanity too. Together with the lightning, she destroyed hometowns, erased territories, and killed thousands. Both of them still had their physical existence, but their memories had gone. They knew mercy no longer, used their power to crush and smash, blow and throw, flick and kick. The rain and the lightning never existed, they had forgotten about it all.

The moon was the only one left behind. However, she was already nothing the second the sun left her. She still prayed and hoped, but she had lost the sun’s light. She became invisible, no one could ever see her. But she was still alive, her memories were never shooed away. She was still there, hidden from people’s eyes, but existed. Alone, in solitude, she could only observe as people’s memories slowly faded away, until they finally lost them.

Everything ended in the worst way possible.

So… what went wrong? I went wrong. I was the memory, the one who used to keep everything in its place. I organized lives, all the while trying to keep up with the flow of time. But when my steps slowed down, minds were broken, and everything fell apart. I created a void between steadiness and changes. Slowly but surely, I lost my track and diverged, thus damaging more and more minds. Time won, and I couldn’t do anything.

I was erased from existence as lives were taken and the world turned to dust.

I was the memory, and this story is the only part of me that’s still floating in the middle of nothingness.



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