This would be pretty odd but out of randomness, I would describe colours one by one, from my point of view, how I feel about them, and strangely how much they weigh (cause when I think of a colour, I would feel their “weight” somewhere inside my consciousness for some reason. Maybe it’s actually their intensities but I don’t know I’m not sure.)

Can you feel the white?

That’s when I feel empty. Somehow I always find white to be the representation of emptiness, although I kind of agree the colour also represents purity. But for me personally, when I imagine of white, I literally don’t feel anything. White is… flat, boring, too good to be true, too inhuman. This colour doesn’t have any weight at all. But when you add at least a shade of colour into it, that’s when it gets interesting.

Can you feel the red?

I don’t know why the second colour I wrote is red. That’s actually the very first colour that my mind decided to display on my visual imagery or whatever it’s called in the back of my eyes, but I thought white would go first. So red went second. Red is… obviously hot, spicy, bright, reaches out, active, ambitious, but not fresh. It burns. You would say it’s also brave and strong, I can agree. It depends on its shades actually. But in general, that’s what I feel about the colour red. Do I like red? In some cases, yes. Like, when you combine this colour with black, that’d be awesome. Together, they would represent power, dignity, and at the same time, attractiveness. Red alone doesn’t weigh much (in fact, it is very light). But when you put it next to black, they would weight more.

Can you feel the blue?

Typically the colour that goes after red is blue so that’s the obvious reason why I chose it as the third. When I imagine blue, I don’t imagine the sea, but I do imagine the sky. Sky blue (that means no turquoise), is umm… calm, steady, but I don’t really like it personally cause it’s a bit pressing and controlling I don’t know why. It’s soft, yes, but a bit heartless. It’s intelligent, but too calm that it’s not exciting. Sky blue doesn’t weigh much, but darker blues obviously weigh more. I don’t really like it when blue is put next to red. It feels strangely unattractive.

Can you feel the green?

Why green as the fourth? Well, after blue is often green so there you go. I like green. It’s fresh and full of life. When I imagine green, I imagine a smile, always like a smiling person. For me it represents peace, harmony, positive thoughts, dances, happiness, and embracement. There’s literally nothing negative I can think of about green. Again, it depends on the shades, but in general green weighs a bit more than red and blue (besides, I don’t feel big differences in weight between shades of green). This colour goes well with blue (maybe because in some cases blue and green are not different colours, rather they’re just different shades of a colour).

Can you feel the yellow?

Yellow is too bright no one likes yellow. Just kidding 😀 I like yellow not for its appearance, but for its vibration. This colour is very light, and sometimes when it’s too light, you can’t really see it cause how little it weighs. When I imagine yellow, I imagine a smiling person as well, but with a laughter. Yellow is fast, active, cheerful, but not good for your eyes lol. It goes well with red and green, but I like it more when it is with red.

Can you feel the brown?

Don’t question why I chose this after yellow. Brown is very heavy, obviously, even its lightest shade. When I imagine brown, I imagine dirt, dirt, and dirt. And maybe tree branches on kids’ paintings. Or maybe furnitures. 😀 brown is good, good is brown. I’m sorry my writing started to get off track (this happens a lot but now I decided to just include these and not edit it out). Brown is down to earth, mature, maybe a bit older than mature, wise, patient, and masculine. It is a powerful colour, but less powerful than the last colour I’d describe. Do you imagine an old guy with a beard when you imagine brown? Cause I do. By the way brown goes well with yellow (although it’s a bit gross).

Can you feel the purple?

I love purple it’s my second favourite colour 😀 when I imagine purple, I imagine creativity, gentleness, flowers (I don’t know why), the custom colour on my windows personalization menu, this blog’s colour, and grapes flavoured ice cream. So yummy. I don’t know why I love purple but whenever I see purple I feel like I want to hug it. The weight? Really depends on the shades, but maybe a bit heavier than blue (although the darkest shade would weigh less than blue’s darkest), but lighter than green. Goes well with red, particularly light red. And blue as well maybe, but I don’t like blue.

Can you feel the grey?

Yay! My first favourite colour ^_^ I know it’s boring and depressing and sad and gloomy. But I still love it. I’m kind of lazy to differentiate between grey and silver so I’d just consider them as different shades (they technically are, aren’t they? But they’re named differently as if they are two different separate colours). Grey represents the sky during a storm and I love that concept. I love rains too by the way. Grey weighs less than brown but more than blue. Silver is close to white so it’s supposed to weight very little but I don’t feel like it. It weighs more than red and even more than green I don’t know why. Goes well with its neighbours like black and white. But I often combine it with lavender (I love this combination).

Can you feel the black?

The last on this list. My third favourite colour. The most powerful one, the most intense, and the heaviest. When I imagine black, I imagine power, solidity, hardness, stillness, and thickness. It’s the opposite of white but in some ways, it has similarities with white such as their absolution and boringness. Goes well with literally every colour.

So there you go that’s how I feel about colours. I’m sorry for being very random (by the way I’m writing this after a long hour of working on homeworks so my brain is currently on its verge of melting). Why did I decide to write this post? As always, I just feel like I had to after my mind initiated it. Besides, I’m in the mood for it.

Hehehehehehe 😀


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