Note: so tired but so in the mood to post this.


What did you see?

When you decided to look back

Show me, blind me with a flash

Come sit with me, on this field of grass


A horizon you’ve left behind?

The last figure of your precious mind?

When did you lose yourself?

Show me where you fell


I see…


You’ve closed a door behind

Another one ahead now

But any closure you still can’t find

Heart stopped, don’t look down


You haven’t recovered, not yet

Something is missing, not the first time you felt

The thought twined tight your pines

No string attached to the other side


So, what do you see?

A stranger, crouching through corridors

With laughing pillars, screaming doors

Nowhere to be found, what he looked for


So he fell for the temptation, and escaped


A drop of tear reflected radiance

You feel it now, your past narrates

A story of a lost man

Once a part of something, but then ran


What is it, the feeling that you hide?

Guilt, whirls round and why?

Why did you run?

There was so much to hunt

Time won’t repeat so look

Look forward and close your book

Not for now to feed the guilt

Turn your back and leave it


Never look back

Though guilt will always scavenge

Through the remains of your self

Walk, step slowly

Restart, find a home to live


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