I just yawned. Today was fun, but exhausting. It’s so tempting to just go to bed and close my eyes, just shut everything up for a night, to rest. But the thought was just pushed aside by an inspiration. I just want to write tonight.

Where’s my banana? I just took one from the dining room and brought it into my room for me to eat. Oh there you are!

*dramatic sequence of opening banana peel*

Anyway, putting my thoughts into words would be super hard considering how much energy left in me right now (I’ll tell you. It’s only 29%). And the contents here would be written in the most unbeautiful way ever. Let alone grammar. So forgive me.

Now what I’m about to say is, there are times when you’re playing a game and the quest has become a lot more difficult to finish and more frustrating, you’d press that pause button. Even in real life, I always love the concept of pause. Like, in the middle of fast movements and loud noises, of rushed steps and spilled coffees, of chewed foods and endless talks, I’d find this tiny switch in my brain that makes me pause for a few minutes. I won’t be thinking about anything, my mind would literally be out of the now and the here, and my sight would be stuck on one spot on the ground. I experience this quite often (mainly maybe because of my short attention span). But it doesn’t mean that this pause is annoying or anything. Rather, I like it. It feels like, I would be in a total peace and calmness in the middle of a chaos. It feels really good. I would feel lighter.

Although, this pause usually only lasts for a few minutes, until the noises strike again into my mind. That’s okay, though.

Just stop everything. Oh how often I wish the time would finally decide to take a rest, just for a moment.

Pause the game, relax your stiffed body, and then continue. This concept is actually kind of similar in real life, where you choose to have a break before continuing your steps in life. Greet the emptiness for a second, and then let everything inside again.

Same goes for my laptop. It needs to rest lol

Do people actually experience sudden pauses like I sometimes do? I wonder…

And I do need some sleep right now.


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