Curious Eyes

There’s a song about a boy

Who wondered why the sky was blue

He ran through sands of joy

With curious eyes he admired the pale moon


He asked his father

“Ayah, apakah laut ada ujungnya?” (“Dad, does the sea have an end?”)

His dad, a fisherman, burst out with laughter

“Kenapa ayah tertawa?” (“Why are you laughing?”)


During the day he’d bathe in sunlight

Imitate the scream of an eagle

At nightfall he’d bring a lantern to a hut

Open a shabby book and solve a riddle


He’d dream of seeing the world

The one he had heard about from his teacher

The world of colourful birds

Abandoned temples and storms that make you shudder


Blow, he blew winds on a grassland

Find, he found his friend in hide and seek

Shout, he shouted on a mountain so grand

Punch, he punched a basket full of fish so stink


He learned so much and demanded more

Until he finally found his gate

That led him out of local folklore

His fate was for himself to dictate


He craved for knowledge, and bit by bit he searched

He saw the world and tasted a drop of the universe


And now he’s back home

Trying to catch a breath between lines

Of a story he’s telling everyone about Rome

Where majestic statues and friendly people reside


His son then appeared

“Ayah, apakah ada laut di Roma?” (Is there a sea in Rome?”)

He didn’t laugh but instead said

“Mau ikut ayah ke sana untuk mencari jawabannya?” (Want to come with me to find the answer?”)


He had given his legacy

But the song didn’t end. It would never end


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