Melinda, I told you to smile

Charm them all and shine

Forget the past that lies a thousand mile

Glamour them, fracture their doubts and lies


I told you to wear a red dress

For red is how I see you at your best

With great awe they’d touch their chests

They’d be entertained, yes


I told you to dye your hair black

For black is how you declare dignity

Make them stop, they’d drop their gold sacks

About how perfect you are, they’d talk freely


Melinda, show them your strength, make them bow

Don’t hold back, for their lives they’d vow

Smile all the time, hold your feelings

Be perfect, no one wants to see your vulnerability


So why are you crying?

Don’t you get it, it’s not going to get you anything

Don’t be so weak, stop whining

Don’t be ridiculous, stop complaining


“I’ve passed my limit” you said

Well that’s a shame, really great

You used to be good at all this

But now you’re broken by tears


Melinda used to be my perfect property

The best, never expected her to get dirty

Wish I could turn back time

To have my precious Melinda alright


Now you’re gone

The glorious period has done

Now you’re nothing

Kept in the corner to prevent decaying


Melinda used to be perfect

Such a disappointment

Maybe I’ll get another one perfect

A new one who won’t stab me with disappointment


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