The Core

Note: So, this one turned out to be much more random than I thought it would be. >_<

Ever wonder how birds grow wings?
They wish for the stars, and throw hopes
When they fall, the world will shrink
And feathers will gather like a robe

Ever wonder where the rainbow ends?
Just a little bit closer to the north
Further to the continent’s ends
See? Just keep going forth

Even when the wind hits your face
With countless whips and shoelace
Scratched cheeks, nosebleed
Oh how never-ending is your spirit

You search harder, dig deeper
Dig and dig and sink
This is no ordinary excavation
For what you seek is a link

A link? What link?
A golden link connected to the core
The core of things, their origins
How everything was created
It’s behind a door

Kick open, and slide down
Just give in to the coming tide
Face onto the ground, bow
You’re facing the core, glowing bright

Perhaps one day it will emerge
Split the globe and declare its existence
Then feet will stop stepping
Hands will stop swinging

Crack, scattered concretes
Chaos, broken systems
Run, run through the remaining beams
The core has come out, drilled open the earth


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