Cage of Freedom

Desolate, lonely hands
Gracefully swinging in lovely curves
Paintbrush against a canvas
In tune a song to mellow the nerves

In another realm is your mind
Carelessly picking miracles
Floating through fragments in a line
Of changes not foretold by oracles

In here you’re the kings and queens
Free of the dictated links
Rampaging inside but can’t be reached
Zero loss and a thousand wins

When you turn things around
Atoms won’t be gravity bound
Roses are blue, violets are red
Blood is no longer red

In here you are free defined
Clinging to nothing, more than fine
Streams of desultory directions
Without any bondage of protections

Desolate, lonely mimes
But rich, colorful minds
Cage of freedom is where you are
Seems close yet lies so far


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