This Side of You

A poem (not really)

Look behind
Those happy laughs
When you were tickled
When you suddenly burped
When you threw pillows
When you were soaked under the rain

Look further
Those running little feet
When you tripped on the sand
When you were chased by Mr. Spooky
When you were late for your first day
When you tried to lift your kite

A bit further
Those screeching screams
When you fought with your buddy
When you wanted something for yourself
When your dad tried to scare you
Tears flew down your cheeks

Now turn around
Look here, where you are standing
How much is the difference?
How much has been suppressed?
How much is going to change?
How much is hidden?

Tell me about this side of you
When you see a butterfly and you try to catch it
Where is it? Open the curtain
Show me your inner child


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