Lift The Anchor

Stomp, stomp, boots on the floor
Slow, slow, beginning so slow
Long, long, don’t begin to moan
Horn, horn, blow the ivory horn

Rise to the bright shine circle golden
Jump in the high line color’s wonder
Toss the tight night’s heavy burden
Clop the fine blind horseshoe on fern

Are you ready, my brothers and sisters?

Glorious days have long gone
And we’re here to find the bond
Bones buried so head to the shore
Roar and swore to the oath

Kingdoms of four seasons
Mountains of the snow bearers
Labyrinth of tangled reasons
Oceans of reef tearers

Sing, oh deceiving sirens!
Blast the minds of lost sailors!
Hideous Kraken, break their lanterns!
Find Calypso beyond the great currents!

Through caverns and woods
Silver wolves lose their loots
Vagabonds search for foods
Wounds under medicinal roots

Gone, gone away with the travelling wind

It’s time to start our journey
Step on a magnificent ship
Lift the anchor, sing the sea shanty!
Sail away, on the stormy seas!


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