This one is probably my most random post so far…

So out of the blue a small voice from a really distant island on my sea of thoughts decided to offer me a kind of wtf inspiration to me. It told me to make a list of random sentences, each has to be the first thing that pops up in my mind (sort of), and each starts with the letter C. Why C? Well my first name starts with this letter so… here we go!

Celia is my first name.
Cat and horse are two of my favourite animals.
Chocolate bars.
Corn. Pop corn.
Coca cola me no like.
Crows are cool animals, I guess.
Can you lend me some of your creativity, please?
Can I press this like button? *BOOM!*
Cappuccino! ^^
Chum Bucket.
Crazy is society in modern days.
Clop clop a unicorn.
Centimetres Per 5 Seconds.
Call 911!
Control your emotions!
Cold is Antarctica.
Caramel : How to Pronounce, the movie.
Conjuring, The. Annabelle (that movie), you suck!
Cause this is pretty C-lly hahahahahahah—
*cough cough*
C, D, E…
Effing hell what in the heaven did I just write?!
Errm… My deepest apologies, guys.


2 thoughts on “C”

  1. Hey I thought this was awesome! 😀
    “Clop Clop a unicorn”
    “Coca cola me no like”
    “Chum bucket” <— THE BEST!!

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