My Lost Wand

Probably will be my last post before three days of who knows what’s going to happen to me and my friends.

Maybe some time in the fall
I’ll find my way out of this hall
If I run or walk or crawl
Be it night or day, to me it’ll call

My long lost wand
Harbouring the missing past
Bearing perhaps joy and fun
Where it be, whenever it was lost

Under the lake of mud? Drowned?
Inside the room of sadness? Hidden?
Behind the running electricity? Covered?
Down there under the rocks? Buried?

The wand I used to swing when I was sad
Spinning ‘round in rhymes so mad
But because I was holding it the entire time
When I lost it, I didn’t remember when I cried

And then I was breaking, falling
Where are you? Are you shouting?
My eyes watering, tears dropping
Pin me a blanket, no more running

Magic vanished, wonders left behind
Smiles unknown, pain defined
That somewhere you are… I don’t know
But on the ledge there’s time, and it took its toll

As I got older,
There’s more tremor
My lost wand, bringer of magical colors
Through the dark long winter
In my heart there’s no surrender
Through great plains doesn’t matter
I’ll not hesitate, because I need to remember
The light and tunes that forever will linger
Within your happily ever after


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