My Cookie

I picked it up, was going to eat it

The tip of my tongue reached

And touched

Open wider, mouth!


And the sky collapsed

Screams everywhere, I ran

Earthquake, tsunami

The sun vanished, apocalypse


My cookie! Where did it go?

I shouted, and I was alone

Suddenly everything went dark

Couldn’t see, my cookie was gone


Under this kind of circumstance

What could I do? I am no genius

Instant eradication of the earth

Supernovas, evacuation to the next planet


We were engaged in a war

Between the light and the dark

We were the last survivors

Ran faster, shot higher, hide better


Two years later, and I missed my cookie

The war had ended, and I looked under ruins

With the hope of finding my precious

The mark of seconds before disaster





Oh you’re shivering now

And it hurt to wake up unbound

But you opened those eyes anyway

You weren’t sure you were gonna die today


He was staring at you from the dark corner

But a hand pulled you back down further

Suddenly you woke up, blinked two times

And it hurt to wake up untied


He was lurking under your bed

But a hand stabbed your back neck

Suddenly you woke up, sweating

And it hurt to wake up from a dream


He was making a voice in distress

But a hand came out of your chest

Suddenly you woke up, tears down your cheeks

And it hurt to know you were never gonna leave


Your monster is your own

And an endless loop is where he belongs

But you opened the box of nightmare

So he sought the opportunity to escape


Your monster is your responsibility

An embodiment of the ugly

Your obligation is to keep it inside

So why did you wish you weren’t alive?

Shooting a Star Simulator 2014

Note: I meant to say that writing is a form of magic but… this is how it turned out. I’m so sorry.


Move your hand gently, forward, nice!

Position it above any writing tool you can find

Pick it up, hold it comfortably, not too tight

Now, a paper’s already on the desk so you’re alright

Just… make a scratch and write a letter

Two letters, three, until they form a word

What is the word?




Cause do you even magic brah?

No, not Wingardium Leviosa

It’s another spell, don’t worry you’ll find it

Cause you’re a wizard Harry!


Oh no…


Is… is this some kind of witchcraft?!








This should’ve been called Magic Simulator 2014


Distorted guitars on the speaker

Scratched the wall

Losing sight of your direction

Falling petals of rose

Nothing would make you feel better

Restrained calls

Screaming silently, inside your container

Hit the floor

Things surely cannot get any worse

Scattered the wrongs

Definitely, you’ve reached the worst


And then you sighed

You left it hanging, empty nights

It’s hollow now, in your bed you lie

Who knows if it’s going to come back

Your nemesis, pressure like that

Never achieved democracy in your own heart

Yes, they will return, to once again create a flood

So you will drown in sorrow and gasp for repeated pasts

After Everything

Rage flourishes in me

Every single time the words vanish

After they dance in my brain a second ago

The concept disappears, my tongue gets cold


I wanted to write about something

But wait, the theme faded away in a blink

I can’t remember anything, not a thing

Now I have to restart, repaint and refill


It’s okay, maybe this one is better

What had been gone, let it be forgiven

It’s okay, maybe a new color is better

In a way that is strange and different


But magic is everywhere, right?


Let the time replace the moments

To continue for generations

After everything, goodbyes are waved

After everything, new magic is spelled