Come sit with me and listen to a story
About millions of yearning stars,
Longing for companions, afraid of tragedy
Dozens of time, flickering in vast

Drenched in streams of emotions
Stirred up feelings, suppressed notions
Shivering hands, half smiles
That is a bonding start of every tie

They used to stay in one place so,
So they stayed safe and no,
They didn’t question of inner wars,
Fragile secrets that would soon soar

But once the tie tightened,
They saw unlocked doors and so,
They opened it and drowned,
Into a darker depth, more and more

From their supposed point,
Their core deviated and pleaded
For things to be better and sweet,
But instead they got a different thing
So deadly yet so beautiful, bittersweet

They exploded, massive blasts
Supernovas in the darkest expanse
Broken into clouds and gas
Shattering hearts, barriers were slashed

The most powerful light was created that time
Made of the most tragic process of a tie
So no, they were neither killed nor destroyed
They let go of their homes to fill in what used to be a void

They made a perfect unity, because they experienced loss
Sweet is a boring taste, so into the world some bitter they tossed
Until it’s all over, until the time’s stopped by the frost,
They’d keep changing, roaming and moving on

Until the end of time, until they grow old,
Until they lose mass, until their bodies go cold
Until the light dies out, until doors are closed
Till then, smiles and frowns, tears and laughs
Pain and happiness


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