Breath Of Fire

There are a few things he keeps in mind…

Fierce Cerberus the gate keeper,
Growling and barking louder and louder

Graceful Phoenix of the purest fire
Risen from his own ashes and shines bright

Gracious Fauns of the mystical forest
Spirit of the animals to lay travellers to rest

But there are several things he demands…

For his glorious days to be repeated

For his reign to be revived
To gain power over Cerberus’ owner

For his wings to grow again and be perfected
More than the charm of Fauns’ horns

For his fire to hold the greatest might
More than that of Phoenix’s

Breath of fire, the frightening Dragon
He’ll be back after thousands of years
To command and rule the collapsing world

With shining golden scales and giant wings
Haughty look on his eyes, gained authority
He’d fight until he gets what he desires,
For he is the real king, the true breather of fire

A dragon…
No, the Dragon
Trapped in the prison of time
But planning to break free, alive
Breath of fire, strip time of its guardians!


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