How Inspiration Strikes My Mind

Inspiration comes at random times, they say. It could pop up in your mind when you’re trying to focus on your work, or swings pass a corner in your mind when you’re taking a walk outside, or swish by your imagination when you’re deep in your own thoughts, or haunts you when you’re in your bed, ready to sleep.

Is it different from person to person? Or is it technically similar? I don’t know. But for me personally, inspiration does come at random times, but it is usually triggered by certain things like music, words, or images.

I’d like to take some examples and break down the process of how inspiration struck my mind.

How was I inspired to write one of my earliest short stories here in my blog titled “Tranquil”? I was listening to a song by an Icelandic band, Sigur Ros, titled Glósóli, when I caught some strange noises on the song’s background, specifically at the beginning and at the end. I had heard this song multiple times before but this time the noise attracted my full attention. It resembles the noise that is typically heard from inside a music box. That was when inspiration came to me. It then grew into an idea and I felt like I had to develop it into a solid short story and write it down. So I did. I honestly had no idea how I was going to do it. I didn’t even know what kind of story I would write. But I started to write anyway. I described the noise first, and then imagined I was listening to it in a really quiet place. Where was this quiet place? Inside my own bedroom of course, although in the final form of the story, the bedroom that is described is not mine. From then on, I tried to expand the description to the details of the room and then about my own feelings. I didn’t and never arrange or write the outline of my short stories (although I know I should :P), so it kind of just flew and danced around inside my head as my fingers were typing the words. After the description was almost done, I didn’t know how I would continue the story and how to end it. But then I was like, “How about these images, about the bedroom and the noise and everything, was just inside the character’s head?” but then another question emerged, “So, where was he in reality?” And then a small voice inside my head shouted, “He was a death row prisoner, dumbass!” So that was how this story happened.

Another example would be one of my poetries titled “Innocent”. I put a little note at the very beginning of the post about how I was inspired to write a poem by an unfinished sentence. This sentence was, “I want to create…” The dots there were then developed to be the completer for the very first line. And from then on I kind of just improvised as my excitement and my own desires were being poured into it.

The third example is another short story titled “Impress Me”. Maybe this one clearly shows where I got the inspiration from, or maybe not so much. It was from the quite friendly game called The Sims (specifically the fourth one). I imagined being the player of the game and being able to create and control my own character. It’s just as simple as that 😛

Next is one of my latest poetries titled “Lift The Anchor”. I was inspired to write a poem containing a theme about a journey after playing Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and after re-watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The journey on the poem itself doesn’t necessarily have to be that of a group of pirates or dwarves. But in my mind, the feelings and tunes in it do resonate the theme of a journey taken by pirates or dwarves. That’s why, when I was writing it, I could imagine multiple deep voices of men together singing a song (somewhere in the middle I could even imagine the melody of the song titled “Misty Mountains” from The Hobbit).

I’ve got lots of other examples, but I don’t want to make this post too long just to break them down. The main point is not the examples. It is that I write whenever I want to, about whatever I want to, whether it is poetry or a short story or my own thoughts like this one. It is all because of this beautiful and addicting little rascal called inspiration. It comes to me whenever it wants to, and strikes my mind whether I’m ready or not.

Damn you inspiration. Don’t play around in my head too much or I’d go insane because of you!


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