Traces Linger

They’re expecting the nightfall

Wandering inside, not limited by walls

Lurking on corridors, unseen

Hiding under the bed, waiting


They’re missing the ones from the past

A person to hold dear through piles of rust

Memories held, forming undisturbed images

Mementos stayed, but wings fluttered


Lovely bonds, gradated tint

Just like when you throw a pebble

Into the water, it’d disappear

But you could hear the surface ruptured


Some things wouldn’t just go

Much like souls wouldn’t let go

Although new seeds were sowed

Traces linger, from which they still hope


Everything’s a blur

The rain, the mist, and the moon

Broken spirits, unhealed wounds

They’d never wake up, lost in doom


Grey fog made a trail

To be followed like a rail

Onto a ramshackle form

Which they consider as home


In silent midnights they’d dream

Roaming the world as memories

Waiting for nothing, but they’re still

Free but static bound, weaving in twists

In an unwritten paragraph, decorated with scars

Glamour and whirlwinds, misty story of the past


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