So I Leveled Up

I used to scavenge through piles of used points

But now I’ve got more than nine thousands

Double kill +500 pts for every blaster equipped

See? I can even fly unlimited choppers

I used to shoot blue rays from my eyes

But now I’m very much capable of producing more light

I mastered silver, golden is like “meh” I’m the expert that’s right

Blink and flicker, shooting even rainbow to fry those flies

I used to slash and stab using a mini dagger so frail

Damn that time feels like a million steps back from here

I’m now a freakin’ swordmaster baby!

Excalibur and a pair of katanas are what I carry with me

I used to wear only a tunic and brown dirty trousers

But look at me now I’ve got shields and armors

Filthy peasants bow before me and surrender!

For I’m the new king, the greatest mighty ruler!


So yes, I leveled up.

I leveled up for good.

My pain wasn’t futile, wasn’t fruitless.


Although, there’s just one thing…

These powers and abilities and points,

For what can I use it?

If I count them, I’d find nothing

What had I become, and will I become?


A king on a majestic throne

Sitting silently watching the horror of lives

Letting them feel what I’ve ever felt before

Scary nights, wicked witches, unsafe dines


So yes, I leveled up.

But they didn’t.

And now life doesn’t feel fun

Blood is still spilled

Tears still dripping

Anger still escalating

Feelings still leaking


So I leveled up.

But it feels like life is just getting pretty rough.

So I kind of know.

What it is like sitting on this throne.


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