Remember to smile

Remember to shine a light

Remember to glide through lovely days

Remember not to run away

Remember to create wonders

Remember to be better

Remember to keep track of time

Remember not to be blind

Remember to have a nice cup of tea

Remember to take a rest and sleep

Remember to rise up after the fall

Remember to answer the calls

Remember to fill the world with love

Remember when to say enough

Remember that days are rolling

Remember that being mortal is a worldly thing

Remember that you’re special

Remember that you still need a guardian

Remember to communicate

Remember not to be late

Remember to feel happy

Remember to be grateful for the tiniest things

Remember to hold on through the pain

Remember that even the tiniest act isn’t vain


Remember that there’s a person writing this down

Remember that I mean to erase your frowns

Remember that you’re still capable of being capable

Remember that things will get better

Remember to put relieve into your chest

Remember that you can do your best

Remember not to forget

Remember that through words we’ve met

Remember to let go and move on

Remember that you are not alone

Remember to roar like a lion

Remember to give hugs and acceptance

Remember to find your treasures

Remember to remember

That you are still a human


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