Why Am I So Random?

Good luck reading this.

Well I guess many people are. But why does this thing called randomness always come and go according to what I don’t know maybe according to my mood or maybe some kind of invisible ghost or spirit around me who whispers into my ears or maybe it is some kind of soundwave which no one could hear but it affects people’s state of mind so people would go “ah! I just thought of an idea it’s a very absurd one but let’s go act it out” or maybe it is because of a bread and a meatball I just ate for dinner that contains seeds of randomness that could only affect dumb people so does that mean I’m dumb well I may be dumb but I’m not an idiot there’s a difference learn your lesson please or maybe it’s because of some kind of mutation on my DNA but if I think about it again many people are random so it’s not because of this gene mutation or maybe it’s because of some kind of anomaly that occurs on people’s brains at certain times but it’d disappear before one can actually do a research about it in the end I still have no idea why I and many other people are random what causes randomness and is it linked to creativity I wish I was creative but then again I can’t judge myself cause people are the one who judge but wait what am I talking about again okay there isn’t any coma or question mark here so I may have damaged your brain by now if you’ve reached this line already so my deepest apology guys.


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