And The Sky Would Burn

Surreal, sleepwalking

Cause when I touched reality, it disappeared

Surreal, claustrophobic

Cause the walls were the traps and the limits

Suffocate, narrowing

Cause when I crawled under it was intimidating

Suffocate, haunting

Cause flying under the surface wasn’t happening


And the sky would burn


Flames of horror, let it blaze

Harnessing thoughts from the dark maze

Deadly mouth of the sacred plays

Hazardous, scrolling through fearful veins


And the sky finally burned

When I’m out of the sewer

I set fire to the ones who pleaded

No mercy for the likes of them


They showed eyes of fright

Howling wolves in the night

When their homes are fried

Blinding radiance in the pines

Spread away and away so wide


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