I Found Your Horizon

Can you hold my head?

It’s floating around in a dance

It won’t stop moving and in there,

I found many things great


I found a tasty ice cream

Vanilla and grape and strawberry

Sugary meals and sprinkly mix

How do you define this, sweety?


I found Michael Faraday

Bathing under the tropical sun’s ray

Forgetting there’s such thing as electromagnet

Just laying there staring at the bay


I found a magical forest

In which elves are looking for the best

spell chanters and witch hunters

Through trees possessed by dryads


And your face would melt

And your heart would swear


Looking at those pretty wonders

Though none can last forever

But here I found your horizon

Where sunset meets the ocean

A fine line, curving in gradation

Colors of the never breaker

Who holds dear the able maker


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