Run with held fear so no demons would attack you along the way

Run as if the world is falling apart, run to the end of the tunnel, through swinging blades

Run, tiger’s broken loose, a sword of a lost samurai, lost anger finding a house

Run and cross the Amazon River, little streams from the mountains, nightfall and dawn

Run and don’t fall on your knees, brace for impacts and harbour wild thoughts

Run in a speed of light, from here on and to there you go, in a blaze of energy you’re caught

Run and break the pillars, see what would happen, so the fire would go unrestrained

Run with selflessly needs, so you are holding up the truths, freed from their masquerade

Run and blast the nights, break the days, proudly

Run to the edge of the world, carry the glory

Roll the drums, orchestra of grandeur

Break the circle, provide greatness

Run with dignity, roar with pride

Until you arrive in front of the gate of the sky


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