It’s Finally Over

A manga by the great Masashi Kishimoto has finally ended. Naruto. The story is finally over. I’m both happy and sad. Why am I sad? Cause this really brings back my childhood memories, where I used to collect every volume of the manga and read each one of them multiple times until some of them got dirty and/or torn.

I decided to read the final chapter and I found myself drowned in tears. It reminds of how much time had passed since I first witnessed the famous orange ninja going around Konoha Village to prank people. Now I just witnessed his son doing pretty much the same thing, while his father had finally fulfilled his long time dream to be a hokage.

What about Sasuke? You don’t know how stirred up my feelings were when I saw the page which showed the childhood version of him and Naruto holding hands, as the background of the more grown up version of them lying on the ground after the long and deadly final battle. This was in the chapter before the final one, by the way.

So yes, I’m in tears while writing this down.


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