Glad You’re Back

I had been waiting for so long

Recalling the moment you closed that door

When you stepped out leaving me with a hole

A hole in my heart, made me so alone


It wasn’t that I knew you’d come back

Cause I didn’t, even though I still hoped

I kept thinking if you weren’t coming back

I’d force myself to accept and let you go


This very feeling kind of sucked

As uncertainty kept crowding my lungs

Black and white was only a blur

Aimed to refrain to let in any pressure


But now you’re back home

I remember when I opened that door

Your face shined and you smiled

Saying, “I’m here and alright”

And I hugged you with all my might

Until you said, “Ouch! Not too tight!”

I’m just glad that you’re back here

With me to tell about your story

About the war that’s never going to finish

Because humans are still foolish living things


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