Now or Never

Morning, monsters!

Today’s hiking destination?

The edge of the world

Yes, I’m prepared for the worst


What did you have for breakfast?

Potatoes or a taste of massive storm?

I had fire and lava for breakfast

And my lunch would be a tornado


Where’s your backpack?

Oh there it is, on that mountain’s peak

I’ve got my own universe instead

To store my belongings


Can’t go back, it’s now or never


So come with me and start the day

I’m ready as you are, hands in the air

No, I’m not arresting you, it’s okay

Just put your hand in the blowing wind

Penetrate through its force, lightly smiling

Laugh with me, raising heartbeat

Live life to the fullest, run through the hills

Let’s go, the world is waiting

Stunning, incredible, fantastic!


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