So this isn’t random at all

I’m thinking of something

Can you guess it?

It starts with a D

No it’s not a dream

It’s ‘drowning’

Drowning in my own dreams

That’s precisely what I’m thinking

Although, there’s one more thing

I’m also thinking of leaving

Leaving my bed cause I crave a drink

A mineral water or tea

It’s already night here so no coffee

I’m going to bed soon, no caffeine

But wait, where’s my glasses?

Haha I’m wearing it


Wait what?

Let’s change the rhyme

So umm…


How’s it going, guys?

Good? Nice!

Me, I’m just fine

Just have to deal with piles

of homeworks and must revise

materials for exams so I’m also tired

So… thank you for spending some of your precious time

to actually willing to read what’s happening in my mind

Good morning or night!

It depends on in which part of the globe you reside ^^


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