I’m so sorry…

Keep your heart beating

The unknowns are on the other side

Waiting for their turn to get here

The clock’s ticking, defend your life


Don’t imagine about your tomb

This isn’t the time to be a fool

Ready your shield, hold, wait

Ready your sword, ignore the rain


Breathe deep, don’t think of fleeing

This is the real deal, arena of death and grief

War inevitable, this is going to be a battlefield

A little bit closer to a collision, seconds remaining


Are you ready?



Oh wait. Just a sec. Hello? Yes, this is Commander Bronson.

What? Really? Alright.


Guys, I’ve got a spectacular news from the station! The war has been cancelled due to the inter-dimensional gate being completely locked from the other side.


“So… no war?”


Nope. We’re going home.


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