Step on those grass

They’re only grass

No big deal, they’d grow back

Doesn’t matter, they’re just… grass


Rupture the branch

It’s only a branch

No big deal, it won’t feel a thing

Doesn’t matter, it doesn’t live


So what if I tell you,


That grass are like children?

Growing, becoming taller

Stronger, maybe changing color?

They live, they need water


That a branch is like a limb

Of a person who lives

Yes it’s just a branch,

But it’s like saying, “he’s just one man”


Out of millions, billions of other.


And what if I tell you,

That when you see a green hill,

Or when you see a forest

All grass and a bit of flowers here and there

Trees, big and small, grow wise and dense

You’re actually seeing a group of people

Holding hands, no matter what the colors

As a unity, forming a beauty

From trees, to branches, and to leaves


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