In the Corner

Curling up in the corner isn’t safe, my dear

Unlike the thought you’ve been having faith in

Here, you can only hear greatness humming

From the next room, right behind the wall

Look, there’s a side of you who wants to open the door

But there’s also this side of you who’s afraid to roam


Don’t cry, my dear, for your flame isn’t dead

Don’t plunge right away into cowardice decadence

Reach for the surface, howl and scream so they can hear

There’s a side of you who despises nightmares grim


So why not stretch out your hand?

To walk away from that corner, into another land

Foreign, but doesn’t mean it’s completely bad

We are strangers, but I want you to understand

That we share things common, sometimes so alike

So open up and talk, to tighten our tie


Yes, there goes your theoretical fear

When you finally erased those speculations within

Just between you and me, something I need to tell

I was just right in the other corner, trying to comprehend

How I would embrace the world, just like you were

Until I held my head high, to let go of my preparations


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