The Wolf’s Story

Assassination is stealth

Silver fur of wolf stained in red

They know he lied, his deceptions

They noticed, but chose to stay silent


He tried too hard to keep his cool

His arrogance is what made him a fool

Sharp eyes pretended, no, not true

Just a disguise of an empty room


Jokes, smiles, friendly greetings

Oh how shallow his emotion must be

But his fur was silver and shining

So he thought he was intimidating


His last fight would later reveal his true nature

Because everybody couldn’t stand being silent forever


Dragonflies and spiders cursed him

Crows returned his stare so piercing

Until the lion entered the stage

To rip open the wolf’s masquerade


So now he knows why his growls never worked

His realization arrived just when the lion gave him a puncture

The wolf’s story ended, rotten and buried in hatred

Vultures came to finish his dirty fable


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