Time is Undefeatable

He was hungry for battles and challenges

Even if it was a fire dragon, he wouldn’t run

A mark may be left on his chest and cheek

Never again would he fall into weeping drama


He was the force of the time


He’d stay on his feet, to stand his ground

To growl and howl and roar

“Show yourselves and get out!”

Victory would be his and his alone


Then winter came out of her hole

Armed with the cold and pure white snow

Only to be shooed away like a strand of hair

Time has won the battle today


The next day spring went forth, scared no more

This master of beauty wanted to claim the throne

But no, she didn’t win, lost her dignity

Again, the time won, gained victory


Summer, the king of martial arts

Entered the arena and spitted taunts

Of course he didn’t make it, stupid summer

Time only needed to snap his finger


Autumn didn’t even want to bother

“Meh! Imma go chill out and eat my chocolate”


Nobody can ever defeat the time

This invincible force has his might

Son, no need to even try

Your ego is nothing compared to the time’s


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