A Goodbye

He remembers when he opened that book

Leather cover, with its edges hidden in fur

Before, he already said goodbye to his room

Because inside the book was a long adventure


Into the pages he brought himself

And from the snowy sky he fell


An empty road at a winter night

Street lights and the moon hugged his mind

Brother and sister playing in a house nearby

Wrapped in warmth, the smell of baked pie


The ground abruptly collapsed

He fell and made concrete of his courage

So long, lonely feet on the street!

He grew wings, awakened bird instinct


Floating in mid air, surrounded by the darkness

Nocturnal creatures made noises, but invisible

Sinking deeper, he found a surface

So he landed, in his hand was a pencil


He wanted to draw windows, so he did

A door, a couch, and walls of bricks

He hung stars from the black ceiling

And he drew three playful kids


The door called him, begged him to open it

He drew a cat to accompany him

And entered the door, erased his wings

He arrived in a tunnel, he stepped slowly


Limited vision, water dripping echoed

A cold wind was blowing, where from?

Panic struck, direction lost

Cat meowed, didn’t know where to go


“You shouldn’t have left your room”

He heard a deep voice, his own

“The world has locked doors.

You’re not a child anymore”


His friend had pleaded for him to stay

But he met a smiling keeper of a gate

Who offered him dreams in disarray

So he accepted, as well


He pulled himself out of the book

A journal he had kept for years, his childhood

Now closed, sealed for good

Stories he created, his life’s root

And now he said goodbye to the book

Buried within his memory, under his tomb

With his family weeping up there, under the moon


Goodbyes are never easy

And somewhere out there, he’s walking on his bare feet


4 thoughts on “A Goodbye”

    1. Oh my God thank you very much! >.<
      I tried to focus my lines and words on the description of the character’s surroundings and what is happening to him, with the hope that it can ‘invite’ the reader to feel like they were in it ^^

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