An Escapee

I’m an escapee

Under a dirty bridge

Swallowing a bread’s piece

Wearing a torn sleeve


I’m in the middle of my journey

To flee from the mighty evil prince

When the Fire Nation were rebuilt

That’s when I knew the world would fear


This war is never ending

The kingdom of Arendelle has a queen

And she was mad after knowing

That the Fire Nation had sent hundreds of fleet


Both of them were never meant to be

Queen Elsa is the queen who freezes

And Prince Zuko is the prince who loves heat

Of course, this would never have a happy ending


So I’m just here

Hoping for the fate to have mercy

Before my electricity disappoints me

Before they know my power is the key


See, this is a safe district

Hopefully it will stay like this

Until I know how to restrain my ability

But for now, I remain a hiding escapee


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