My Best

The evil me is a song or tune

Sung by villains on cartoons

Who laugh in insanity and tortures

A nightmare made by foggy future


So when she comes and slays my other self

I go blind, dancing in rhythm so mad

All would go wrong, enjoying the pleasant guilt

Fear and anger and frustration, stirred up in a mix


But there is this warrior on a black horse

In a dark coat, with eyes of grey storm

She carries a sword to kill evil

And to free my other self, and many others

The shy one,

The funny one,

The peaceful one,

The hugger,

The embracer

They would be freed by the warrior


But she isn’t my best

In the end, she’s one of my selves

My best isn’t anywhere to be seen

Hiding maybe?

Or doesn’t even exist?

I still can’t find her yet

Maybe someday, someday


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