A Message

She breathed tiny particles

And then a sigh followed


It was a misty nightmare

Into the night she ran


Down the mountain slope

Heading to the seashore


There, she found an oar boat

Row, row, she sang a song


There was once an old man

Who lived alone, by himself

Far from any calamity

Wished for no storms and lightning

But one wish he kept for himself

Only the curious stars had peaked under his bed

He wished for the sea waves

To deliver him a message

That would tell him about the day

He would finally meet her again


After a long time, the man thought

“In my own calamity I’ve been caught.

My own storms and lightning.

A war deep down beneath”


And so the boat arrived on an island

She walked on the white surface


To a small hut she headed

Knocked on the door, silent


“What are you doing on this island?”

She saw the old man, approaching her


She smiled, the salty wind blew her silver hair

Her white dress was stained in wet sand

“A message I’m delivering to you.

She had heard you, and wanted me to tell you,

that the time will come soon,

when she can finally meet you.”


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