I’m Stuck

I’m stuck, and need help quickly

My brain isn’t working properly

And neither is my creativity

Neither is my thinking process, my electricity


What? Hey don’t give me that glare

I can’t remember my name

Where am I?

I’m losing my mind

Or I’m just not really okay

The cycle of my unpredictable mood change


In between the internet connection

That keeps going out and making a return

Over and over again

Tired of reconnecting

Over and over again


Forget it

No one cares so here,

I’m on my own,

I’m in my home


It’s raining tonight

A cup of coffee would be nice




Someone please send help

My brain has betrayed me, I’m in pain

This is so irritating, frustrated

No actually I’m not frustrated

I’m just… not in a good mood

I want to punch things and break the rules

To scream out loud and damn it!

I just wanted to write and this is it

This is my limited creativity

And I’m stuck, need help quickly


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