Two Wars

Stepped my feet and everything was a blur

On a muddy surface I landed

A sniper rifle, my finger on the trigger

One step and I was hidden behind a pillar


Ultra golden ray

Shooting through the rain

As my heartbeat got faster

Laser beams and rapid movements


Winged creatures and their weapons

It was one day they took over the earth

And the next day started war and hunger

And this is what humans had predicted




We were what still remained

After scattered populations ended their fates

And I was on my feet, dragging along my own illness

My scars were my own, and my blood wasn’t innocent


I was caught in two wars


The one that was inside,

and the one that was outside


After everything, I’m staring at my own darkness

From which my wings were created


I was one of the many who fought for their lives

Yet I was also one of the many who destroyed lives



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