Forever Beneath

Under an island is a dream

Forever hidden from any reach

Right under the surface he swims

Knowing that he’d never take a peek


Just like when you go down, down

To sink deeper, pressure and cave’s mouth

He can see the mysteries of his own mind

And wanders around his own desires


He looks up, beyond the clear surface

Warmth, the sunlight, screaming seagulls

His tears become one with the salty water

His hands and feet are the sea currents

One with the rhythm of the earth’s rotation

He finds his home to be his own heaven

Deep blue with dynamic movements


Sometimes his anger can go unrestrained

That’s when sailors die, torn sails

His depth is a group of volcanoes

His core is never before explored


Although, at times he envies the trees

With melodies of birds’ chirpings

And skyscrapers,

Snowy mountains

The northern lights

He remains down under

Letting go of his imaginary wings

Forever beneath,

As an entity of blind dreams


15 thoughts on “Forever Beneath”

    1. Well he could be Poseidon, yes, especially in the anger part ^^

      But at first I wasn’t going for Poseidon. Again, I started with a metaphor. That is, the depth of human’s emotions/unconsciousness. Because in there lies millions of mysteries and desires. I thought I was going to portray a guy with his deep mind, but I don’t know why I chose to present the sea in this. The envy part I think is about the ‘bright’ and ‘cheerful’ part of us that lingers above our deep and dark emotions.

      Thank you so much! >.< I can't thank you enough really, you're so kind!

      1. Yes, that was my thought too. He’s always so deep in his own pain that he only has a glimpse of happiness. Maybe he’d be better off without without that glimpse of happiness, since it seems to torment him.

        I used to be an English Major, so I always try to interpret things. I can’t ever turn it off, and it’s horrible.

        You’re welcome!

      2. But… but… I don’t want him to not recognize happiness 😦

        I umm… want him to change his perspective towards happiness, to be happy when he sees happiness, to be happy that he he is a source of happiness for the others

        I want him to feel that happiness is not something to be reached or achieved, rather, it is something that is already inside of him.

        It’s okay, please don’t feel horrible about it. To try to understand or interpret things, to want to know more, is something natural. I even admire people who are curious and caring enough to want to explore more of people’s minds and perspectives. That way, bonds can be made tighter and closer, and individuals can understand each other more, to be more empathetic. I very thank you and people like you ^^

      3. Maybe it’s as simple as wading ashore? But he doesn’t think he can, does he…

        Thank you! Sometimes it annoys my friends, though.
        It’s true if we don’t think, we never develop empathy. Honestly, I’d never linked empathy to intelligence before–in America, people sometimes think that intelligent people tend to be cold.

      4. “And then he finds happiness when a human dives in and plants a group of reefs down there, knowing that the above still cares for the under”

        I’ve met many people who are very intelligent but also kind at the same time. I don’t think intelligence can be defined in one way, because intelligence comes in many different forms 🙂
        So what is intelligence? The intelligent but cold people may have a superior ability to think fast, or solve complicated problems, or superior memory, but if they’re considered cold because of their ignorance towards their surroundings, then they may not have much of knowledge, especially about how humans mind work, or how to handle bad situations in which emotional conflicts are the main cause. The caring ones are intelligent in their own way, in the kindest way, and when you’re brave enough to ‘connect’ your feelings to the others, that’s when you’d understand and will be willing to feel ‘your pain is my pain’
        Don’t worry, just feel good about this gift you’ve been given, the will to care. If your friends find it annoying, you don’t need to hide it, maybe you can ‘smoothen’ how you express it, and maybe also give your own opinions or feedback towards the answers your friends have given you after you ask them about what you’re curious of, you’ll know how 😉

  1. Aw, yes, maybe he will find a person to make him happy! I certainly hope so.

    I’ve really never considered before how powerful empathy is; thank you for that. Unfortunately, I think intelligence without kindness is both feared and valued, but you’re right, emotions do make up most of human experience, and should never be discounted.

    Opening up really does take a lot of courage. It can be easy or hard for me depending on the person, but I think I’ve gotten better. I kind of like to hear myself talk a lot in real life, so that’s probably why my friends get annoyed. I’ll try to remember that analyzing in itself isn’t bad.

    1. Empathy, along with intelligence, patience, supports, and certain other traits are the ones that would make the world a better place, amirite? 😉

      There are some people out there who have a mindset that they are doing kindness to other people, whereas people consider them as cold by doing that. It’s like, it’s a form of kindness for them, but for people it’s the opposite. I’ve met someone like that. That’s when everything gets complicated.

      That’s right ^^ Open up, talk clearly, but also pay attention to the others’ needs, maybe they’re in need for help or support, that’s how the concept of action-reaction works ^^
      Maybe use your gift of being curious and caring to help many people? 😉

      1. Unfortunately, all those traits seem to be short supply nowadays.

        Are those the kinds of people who refuse to do anything for others because they think other people need to help themselves?

        I think I’ve gotten better about paying attention to other people and monitoring their needs, but I used to be a lot worse a few years back. Then again, most young teenagers are. 😀
        I will most certainly try.

      2. I still want to believe there are still many kind people to help this world standing 🙂

        I think so… I don’t really understand them to be honest ._. I’ve met one, but still have no clue until now.

        That’s great to hear! I’ve got to admit I’m still learning to do that, to balance between action-reaction, to balance between my need and other people’s needs. Still have so much to learn ^^

        I’m sorry for the late replies. The internet connection here is getting worse due to heavy rains 😦

      3. I know plenty of people like that. Does this person believe in not praising other people, or not giving charity?

        It’s very hard to get right, because you can go too far in either direction. Sometimes I used to catch myself trying to erase myself to please other people, which obviously isn’t good at all.

        Oh, it’s fine. Besides, sometimes it can take a while to get a reply just right (for me, anyway).

      4. Umm… yes… It’s like, he tried to ‘train people to be independent’ ._.

        Couldn’t agree more, and sometimes I can get very selfish too hehe well, we humans still have our flaws 🙂 we may try, but we may also fail many times. Just remember to get back on track every time 😉

      5. Oh, no, he’s one of THOSE people. They are all too common where I live.

        It’s pretty much a given that we’ll fail, so what makes people stand out is their ability to keep trying.
        Most of us are very selfish, but it’s something we have to overcome.

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