Distorted guitars on the speaker

Scratched the wall

Losing sight of your direction

Falling petals of rose

Nothing would make you feel better

Restrained calls

Screaming silently, inside your container

Hit the floor

Things surely cannot get any worse

Scattered the wrongs

Definitely, you’ve reached the worst


And then you sighed

You left it hanging, empty nights

It’s hollow now, in your bed you lie

Who knows if it’s going to come back

Your nemesis, pressure like that

Never achieved democracy in your own heart

Yes, they will return, to once again create a flood

So you will drown in sorrow and gasp for repeated pasts


24 thoughts on “Pressure”

    1. Thank you very much! >.<
      Sometimes the poems that I think I made horribly turned out to be considered good enough by people.
      I still need to learn more…

      Yes, but to be precise, temporary happiness, as the subject here knows that the depression and pressure will surely return.
      I feel that a lot hehe

      And once again, thank you very much! ^^

      1. Maybe then again, in the end it is all up to our perspectives ^^

        Like they say, nothing is eternal in this world 🙂
        “After every sunny day, came a stormy night”
        From song by Of Monsters And Men titled From Finner ^^

        Thank you so much for reading and for the comment ^^
        I owe so much >.<

      2. It IS funny how the stupidest stuff we write always ends up the best. I think that happens to a lot of writers.

        I love Monsters and Men! Have you heard Silhouette?

        Ah, no, I just like talking to you. You have a lot of cool things to say. 🙂

      3. I couldn’t agree more 😀

        Unfortunately I have not 😦
        I’m going to Youtube after this hehe
        My favorite is King and Lionheart by the way ^^

        I forgot to say this in my other comment, but, I may not know you that well, but I feel that you’ve got an ability to make people feel good about themselves, and really enjoy talking to you, which is very rare I think 🙂
        Many people will feel grateful to have met you, including me, and they will show you gratitude ^^
        Thank you very much! I like talking to you too! ^^

      4. I love that one too! Silhouette is my favorite, though.

        Oh, don’t say that, now I’m blushing. Seriously, though, that does mean a lot to me; I really cannot express how much. But I have to be honest, I’m a bit of a grouch in real life. I do like cheering people up, though.

      5. Don’t worry, aren’t we all a bit grouchy inside? Some people may not be able to hold it inside for so long, some other may be able to suppress it 😉

        It feels good to cheer people up, doesn’t it? It’s like, we can be happy too when we make others feel happy ^^

      6. Yes. Yes, we are. I get really bad when I’m hungry and nervous.

        I’ve felt that way in the last few years, but sometimes I wonder why we feel driven to make others happy.

      7. Me too hehe and when I’m feeling really tired.

        That’s a good question. Although I’m afraid I can’t answer that or guarantee that my answer would be right. I just like to think that it is one of human’s basic natures and we should be grateful for having that 🙂

      8. Ooh, I get grouchy when I’m lost. That’s another one.

        I always end up asking unanswerable questions late at night (or early in the morning). Joy in making other people happy is surprisingly common, it’s true, and people seem to assume it’s normal. If it is normal, that’s a good thing, and I have a little more faith in humanity.

      9. Oh I just thought of a really obvious fact!
        We live in two different ends of the world, yet we’ve been agreeing on many things we’ve been talking about!
        It may sound so simple, but I love this it’s cute hehe ^^

        Well, what is normal? Hehe
        It’s okay please don’t think too deeply about this 😉

        Sometimes there are things that cannot be answered with one definite answer in this world, yet we all have experienced it, and feel the same way about it 🙂
        How more wonderful can this world be?

  1. I know, isn’t it cool? That’s why I love the Internet. As much as people argue and do all kinds of stupid stuff on it, people can also use it to make friends they never would have met without it.

    Maybe…Now that I think about it…Normal doesn’t exist?

    I guess that’s what philosophers are for, answering unanswerable questions. Btw, I think you’d like Kerli’s music. A lot of the stuff you say reminds me of her songs.

    1. I don’t know if this is common there but here, we teenage girls usually hug each other when we completely agree on sooo many things. So I really want to hug you hehe. But let’s high five instead ^^ High five!

      Normal, again, is a concept humans create to keep things in order, to help them so it’s easier to see between the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Although normal itself is natural, it is also one of those indefinite things that can’t be defined in only one way.
      Just saying hehehe

      Okey, I’ll try to look her up 😉

      1. In America, we do that sometimes too. Virtual high five!

        So, normal is a relative term? I think the wrong thing can be “normal” if enough people do it. Or the right thing. I used to think it was kind of an annoying word.

        Kerli is really positive and awesome. Walking On Air is a favorite of mine.

      2. When we think of normal, we think of… well… normal. So normal itself is a normal concept that is normal for people to try to understand. Normal-ception! *zooms in*

        I’ve just read about her in Wikipedia but I haven’t heard her songs yet, the internet connection here is too slow for streaming tonight, hopefully tomorrow evening. I read that her influence is Bjork. I know of Bjork. She’s from Iceland. And I also love Sigur Ros. Also from Iceland. The connection is made! 😀

      3. LOL. It’s normal to define normal! Normal is a very normal word.

        I love Sigur Ros too!
        That’s the only thing I hate about rain; it slows the internet. Do you like rain?

      4. Yay! High five again! ^^
        Hoppipolla is the one song that makes me cry every single time I listen to it because of the thought of the sweet and lovely past and childhood.

        I LOVE rain. But yes, it can be pretty annoying. It slows down not only the internet, but also certain other humans activities.

      5. I love Hoppipolla, Glosoli, Samskeyti, Saeglopur, and one other that I can’t spell.

        I really love the sound. But I don’t always like going out in it, depending on how cold it is. Is it cold where you are? I’m shivering in a trenchcoat, lol.

      6. And Brennisteinn. The song always makes me feel like imagining about a very powerful character.
        And Hrafntinna.

        Oh right! I just remembered it’s winter there. It is, right?
        Here’s a virtual hug to make you feel a bit warmer! ({})

        It’s the coldest it can get in tropical region I think, since it’s currently rainy season. It rains everyday, with so much lightning.

      7. Ooh, you gave me more songs to look up! Thanks.

        Yes, it’s not horribly cold, but it’s enough to be annoying. I live in the southern united states, so we’re so wimpy when it gets cold.

        Thank you! \-/ That’s supposed be an open armed hug, by the way. But it looks more like antenna.

        That must be rough to have so much rain. I hope it’s not flooding.

      8. Can I guess? Is it Florida? hehe
        Or Georgia? California?

        Thank you! ^^

        Flood… umm… not in the city where I live, hopefully. But most likely it will flood in the country’s capital, Jakarta. It’s uuh… well, if you type ‘jakarta flood’ in Google Image, you’ll be able to tell how bad it can get.

      9. It’s Texas! You were close. Everyone in Texas talks this huge game, Texas this, Texas that, and then we all go in our houses to hide during winter.

        I’ll be praying for Indonesia, then. I looked it up in Google search; that’s horrible. Hope everyone stays okay.

        Anyway, I’d better go help my family with Thanksgiving. It was really nice talking to you!

      10. Argh I was going to say Texas! (not really)

        Thank you very much 🙂
        I really hope it won’t flood this year, since developments are being done in order to ‘repair’ the city’s urban system and structures.

        Okay! Happy Thanksgiving! ^^
        It was really nice talking to you too!

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